Tounga Kumbè*

Bamako – Djenné – Mopti –Dogon Country (3 days) – Ségou – Bamajo (11 days)

* Encounter the adventure in a visit to mystical Djenné, to Mopti's harbor, to breathtaking Dogon Country, to historical Ségou and to colorful Bamako .

Day 1: Arrival at Bamako
At arrival you'll be welcomed at Bamako airport by director of the Travel Agency ‘Van Traoré'. You'll spend your first night in a Tounga Tours guestroom.

Day 2: Bamako
This first day is one of introduction. You'll visit Bamako accompanied by a Malian woman. Aim is to slowly get used to a different world, a different way of living, a different rhythm. Who better can introduce you to daily African life then an African woman? In the afternoon you visit the beautifully renovated National Museum and Point G, a point of view overlooking the capital.
You spend the night at the house of ‘Van Traoré' and his family.

Day 3: Bamako – Djenné
In the morning you leave for Djenné, where you'll arrive late afternoon.

Day 4: Djenné
You visit Djenné, a city belonging to our World Inheritance, with its' own unique atmosphere. You walk past the phenomenal mud architecture Mosque, the grave of a young girl sacrificed to safe the city, the architected remaining of the Moroccan colonization…
When arriving at Djenné on a Monday, you'll have the opportunity to wander around at the colorful market.
In the afternoon you'll visit -by horse carriage- Senosa, a Peul village in neighborhood of Djenné. Over here you'll be introduced to a traditional blacksmith.

Day 5: Djenné – Mopti
You'll visit Mopti, the ‘Venice of Mali'. It is a lively city occupied by many cultural groups: The Bozo fishermen, Dogon, Bambara and Bella farmers, Touareg and Peul shepherds. A visit to Mopti Harbor is foreseen. Over here you can watch the colorful ‘pinasse' boats being constructed.
The city Mopti sits on three islands between the Bani and Niger rivers. With a ‘pirogue' boat you'll travel to where these rivers flow together.

Day 6 -7 – 8: Dogon Country
During three days you trek by different Dogon villages such as Djiguibombo, a beautiful village situated on the highlands where you'll discover the first ‘toguna', the ‘discussion hut' and the house of the traditional medicine. Kani Kombolé with a magnificent modern Mosque called ‘the little Mosque of Djenné'. Teli a beautiful village built on surface of the valley. Endé, the biggest Dogon Village in the area. Yabatalou, built on a rocklike mountaintop. Begnematou, situated on top of the platform where three religions (Islamic, Christianity and Animism) live peacefully together and with a splendid view …
All nights will be spend with local family of the Chief of Village.

Day 9: Dogon Country – Ségou
From Dogon Country you leave for Ségou, the old capital of the Bambara Kingdom . 

Day 10: Ségou
You visit Segou and Ségoukoro, the old village of Ségou .
In the afternoon there is the possibility for a canoe trip to Kalabougou, village of the pottery and the fishermen, on the other side of Niger 's shore.

Day 11: Ségou – Bamako
In the morning you return to Bamako
This last and free afternoon can be adapted according to your wishes: rest, buying of last souvenirs at the Artisanal Market, relaxing near the pool of a neighboring hotel, a canoe trip on the Niger at sunset or just enjoying a cup of tea under the Mango tree…
Tounga Tours provides your transport to the airport.

Price per person:
1 340 € for two people
925 € for four people
775 € for six people