Any requests for information or reservations are done by e-mail, phone or fax.

Tounga Tours has the right to change the prices of proposed itineraries if there are changes on tax policies, exchange rates, transport or fuel costs.
Prices shown on our website are indicative. The moment your reservation and departure date are fixed the price can not be changed anymore. Prices decrease according to number of participants (a trip is cheaper for two people than for one, cheaper for four people than for two…)

Payment method
To confirm your travel reservation you need to transfer 30% of the total price on our Belgian bank account at least one month before departure. Bank transfers between European countries for an amount under 12000 Euro are free. Once we have received your advance payment (about 8 days), Tounga Tours will send you a confirmation by e-mail (if necessary by fax or mail).
You pay the rest of the amount at least 15 days before departure.

Travel documents
You are responsible to get your own travel documents: a valid passport and a visa. If a travel document arrives too late and you cannot depart on the date agreed, the money you have paid for your trip will not be refunded. Tounga Tours will be happy to receive you at another date then.

Change of itinerary
You can change your itinerary until 20 days before departure. If your new itinerary will cost more, you need to pay the rest of the amount together with the total travel amount at least 15 days before departure.

If you want to cancel your trip, you need to notify Tounga Tours by e-mail or fax.
If you cancel the trip less than a month before departure date, the advance sum will not be paid back.
If you cancel the trip less than 15 days before departure, 50 % of the total amount will be paid back.
If you cancel the trip the day of your departure, the total amount will not be paid back.

Liability insurance
Tounga Tours has liability insurance for travel agencies (Assurances LAFIA, policy 3230001). Any other insurance lies outside Tounga Tours responsibilities.

Tounga Tours’ responsibilities
Tounga Tours is responsible for the good realisation of the programme agreed with the customer.
Tounga Tours is responsible for the actions and negligence of its staff in the course of their work.
Tounga Tours is not responsible for any changes in the agreed itinerary that are due to circumstances beyond one’s control and to events Tounga Tours can not foresee or can not do anything against.

Responsibility of the customers
Every traveller organises his/her own passport, visa and health documents (certificate of vaccination against yellow fever).
Travelling in Africa demands an open mind of the traveller and a curiosity for a different attitude and vision to life.

You have composed your itinerary together with Tounga Tours before you depart. There are always – everywhere and especially in Africa – many factors that can influence a trip, like damage to the roads, problems with materials, disease…If we need to change the itinerary due to circumstances, Tounga Tours has the right to make those changes if this is necessary to continue the trip successfully or because of security reasons.
You can count on our greatest effort to respect the programme we agreed before you depart and to maintain the identity and quality of your trip.

When you choose a trip with Tounga Tours you choose to travel adventurously. We want to stress the fact that every adventure brings certain risks. Travelling without any risks does not exist. We will do everything possible to offer you security, but everyone is responsible for this, also you.

What is most important for Tounga Tours is to offer you an unforgettable trip. You can help us - and other travellers who will follow you – to achieve that goal by filling in the survey form after your trip. Many thanks in advance.

Tounga Tours is not liable for any mistakes or misunderstandings on this site.

Transferring the advance sum or the total sum of your trip confirms that you have read and agreed these conditions.