The concept of Tounga Tours

Tounga Tours creates an opportunity to discover Mali from within, guided by native Malian people. This way of travelling will allow you to meet the local people, discover the country and to experience the soul of Mali…
The spirit of Tounga Tours is based on respect: respect for culture, for differences, for diversity. Respect for nature, for human beings…

Invitation to travel

We organise your trip before departure on the basis of what you wish to see and our own experience of the country. Our website proposes some possible itineraries. Discover the rich menu of opportunities, mix it with your own imagination and create and exceptional experience!


Openness of Mind

Discovering Mali and Malians means learning something about Africa and about yourself. Communication and interaction with your guide and with the local people will be part of the experience. You will need some curiosity and openness of mind, but you will discover a unique way of life and vision on the world!
Our concept of travelling enables you to reach the heart of Africa in a short period of time:
It’s a chance to meet native people, participate in the daily life and to be submerged in the family life….

Be open to Africa and Africa will be open to you.