Mali has a lot more to offer. The five proposed journeys are just a few examples which we can adapt and vary according to your desires.

The journey throughout Mali can be customized for each individual and completed with the following options:

* A one week bogolan workshop in Djenné
Hotel Djenné Djenno offers residential courses in bogolan, the old traditional method of painting textiles, offered by local artists in the atelier of MaliMali ( Click here for more information on the bogoland course.

* A visit of one or more nights at Teriyabougou
An interesting place between Ségou and San where everything is about solidair tourism and rural development. Click here for more information

* The Festival du Désert in Essakane near Timbuktu and the Festival sur le Niger in Ségou.
Both popular Malian Festivals can be integrated in the journey.

* One or more days dance or percussion lessons with experienced musicians in Bamako .

* Set up a project of one or more days for the children of the AISSO primary school in Timbuktu .
More information about projects can be found on our site under the button ‘Tounga Tours', ‘humanitarian projects'.

* A visit to Burkina Faso
The journey through Mali can be combined with visits to Ouagadougou , Bobo-Dioulasso, the country of de Lobi, Banfora …

* The possibility of an overnight visit – apart from Dogon land and the land of the Mandingue - in villages such as:
Kalabougou : the pottery village near Ségou.
Hamdallaye : a Peul-village near Mopti with a rich history: in the first half of the 19th century it was the political and intellectual capital of the Peul Kingdom of Macina. Nowadays man can still find the ruins of the palace and the tomb of Cheickou Amadou, the founder of the Kingdom and city.
Senosa : a Peul-village near Djenné where the night can be spent with the family of the blacksmith.

* An overnight stay in a Touareg camp near Timbuktu .

* Partcipation at the ultramarathon, organized every year at the end of January in Dogon country. A particular race where sports, culture and tradition meet.